About Us

Celebrity Bronze provide luxury tanning products and solutions that are affordable for everyone to enjoy.

All of the products contain natural active ingredients which are enriched with vitamins A, B5 And E and Aloe Vera so nourishes the skin, as well as leaving you with a perfect tan and skin that is radiant and healthy.

The range doesn’t contain alcohol or parabens, which can be harmful to the skin and the key ingredient DHA is sugar-based.

The solutions for tanning gun use are available in various strengths which enable you to create the desired colour for all skin types.

The solutions are available in 2 fantastic fragrances, Mango or Coconut which leave you with a kiss of natural fragrance (instead of biscuits like many other tanning products on the market)

Quick-dry and streak free formula.

Our ‘at home’ product range gives a salon-finish tan in the comfort and ease of your own home.